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Visit the most beautiful lighthouses in Charente-Maritime

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Visit the most beautiful lighthouses in Charente-Maritime

Among the must-sees of our magnificent department of Charente-Maritime, from Rochefort, your home base, a visit to the most beautiful lighthouses is unavoidable.

If you are looking for a unique experience then discover exceptional panoramas from the top of the most beautiful lighthouses in Charente-Maritime :

        • the Lighthouse of La Coubre
        • the Whale Lighthouse
        • Chassiron lighthouse
        • Vallières Lighthouse
        • the mythical Cordouan lighthouse

Let yourself be guided: head for the iodized air, the wind, the steps and the extraordinary views, discover our selection of the most beautiful lighthouses in Charente-Maritime.

An idea for a trip from Rochefort ?
Visit the most beautiful lighthouses in Charente-Maritime

1 The most beautiful lighthouses of Charente-Maritime : the Coubre lighthouse

The lighthouse of La Coubre, located on the edge of the forest of the same name, is on the commune of La Tremblade on the peninsula of Arvert in the north of the estuary of the Gironde. This magnificent lighthouse is the highest in France. It watches over the Gironde estuary because the currents are dangerous and signals the numerous sandbanks.

300 steps and you're at the top, watch out for the view, it's just amazing!!

A must-see stop for any bicycle athlete riding the long Forêt de la Coubre bike path, you'll get your money's worth and won't be disappointed to have made this break in your journey.

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Phare de la Coubre

2 the Whale Lighthouse

The magnificent Baleines lighthouse, located in the extreme north of the island of Ré, in the town of Saint-Clément des Baleines, is worth the trip alone.

Indeed once climbed the more than 250 steps you will have an incredible panorama on the whole island but also up to the Vendée coast of Aiguillon sur Mer.

And what spoils nothing, if while descending you wish to make a pause farniente or bathe you are on one of the most beautiful beaches of Charente-Maritime, then what of better?

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Phare des Baleines

3 The most beautiful lighthouses in Charente-Maritime: the Chassiron Lighthouse

The Chassiron lighthouse located at the northernmost point of the island of Oleron is very characteristic with its black and white colors. On the commune of Saint-Denis d'Oléron, you will have to cross the whole island to be able to observe it and discover it from the inside.

But after a little more than 220 steps, admire this landscape: exotic, no?

A breathtaking view on Oleron Island of course to the south, to the north on Ré island, but also to the east on Fouras and Chatelaillon-Plage, Aix Island and Madame Island.

You will also be able to observe, of course Fort Boyard and on the way down you will stop in the gardens of the Phare de Chassiron which are splendid.

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Phare de Chassiron île d'Oléron

4 Vallières Lighthouse

Vallière Lighthouse is located in the commune of Saint-Georges de Didonne, just south of Royan. This lighthouse marks the exact entrance to the Gironde estuary and faces the Grave lighthouse located on the other side of the estuary at Verdon.

The Vallière lighthouse which has an original shape since its tower is square, dominates the port of Saint-Georges de Didonne. 

Visits to the lighthouse are possible in season from June to September and will offer you a view of the entire Gironde estuary and a good part of the Charente coast.

More info?  Visit our detailed fact sheet on Vallière lighthouse


5 The most beautiful lighthouses in Charente-Maritime: the Cordouan Lighthouse

Cordouan lighthouse is located in the middle of the sea, in the middle of the entrance to the Gironde estuary. You will have understood, its visit is not improvised and remains in itself a nice journey. The only lighthouse still inhabited, you will start your adventure by embarking at the port of Royan for an unforgettable cruise.  

A sea journey of about 7 km will bring you to the foot of the King of Lighthouses. The visits are only done when the tide is low in order to be able to dock on the sandbar next to the Cordouan Lighthouse. Don't forget your bathing suit and old sneakers, you will be more comfortable to disembark, with water sometimes quite high on your legs.

Finally arrived, you will discover this marvel of architecture and its 311 steps that you will have to climb to discover a remarkable panorama : the Wild Coast, the Royan area as well as the coast of Gironde and Soulac sur Mer.

More info?  Visit our detailed description of the Cordouan Lighthouse

Phare de cordouan

As you can see, Charente-Maritime hides many wonders to discover, the lighthouses are obviously part of it.

For an unforgettable stay in Rochefort, the lighthouses are a must-see, to discover incredible viewpoints and panoramas, each more beautiful than the next.

Discover our luxury accommodations, with a capacity of up to 4 people, or even more, by reserving several of our studios which are all in the same building.

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