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What to do in Rochefort and Charente-Maritime when it rains

Is it raining? Some ideas for activities in Rochefort

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What are the best things to do in Rochefort and the Charente-Maritime when it rains?

What to do in Charente-Maritime when it rains ? Here are 10 things to do in Rochefort and in Charente-Maritime when it rains : discover Charente-Maritime in the rain. From Rochefort you will discover the exceptional heritage of our department even in bad weather. Of course the museums of Rochefort are in the spotlight but not only. Indeed, if you want to go to La Rochelle you will discover the magnificent Aquarium but also a great Escape Game that will delight everyone.

And to finish, in the south of the department Royan will open its doors to you to meet its magnificent and very original church, and if you feel like it you will be able to go to bathe with the shelter of the bad weather in Antilles of Jonzac.

To envisage your stay differently is essential if the bad weather joins you. Discover our selection of activities to do in Rochefort and in Charente-Maritime - France when it rains.

1 What to do in Charente-Maritime when it rains: visit the museum of old-time businesses in Rochefort

The incredible "Musée des Commerces d'Autrefois", located in downtown Rochefort, will plunge you into the heart of the crafts and trades of the past century. You will travel back in time and evolve in the life-size reconstitutions of the stores and workshops of these old trades.

Come and admire the impressive quantity of objects and accessories that furnish the reconstructions of these old-time stores.

The visit lasts about 2 hours, but you don't see it go by. Indeed, the number of objects as well as the quality of the reconstituted businesses are such that this museum will fill your eyes. Finally it is a visit to make absolutely when one is of passage or on vacation on Rochefort.

musée des commerces d'autrefois, une visite à faire à Rochefort quand il pleut
What to do in Charente-Maritime when it rains: visit the museum of old-time businesses in Rochefort

2 Bad weather in Rochefort ? Visit the Saint-Clément Hebre Museum

The "Museum d'Hèbre de Saint-Clément" is also located in downtown Rochefort. Housed in a superb 18th century building, the Musée d'Hèbre will take you on a journey through the Rochefort of great explorations and expeditions. You will discover incredible exhibitions about the famous explorer Pierre Loti from Rochefort

Moreover, the Musée d'Hèbre is the real art and history museum of the city of Rochefort. Thus you will discover many spaces which work to emphasize the past of this splendid city.

So don't hesitate and immerse yourself in these exhibitions : galleries of various paintings and numerous collections of objects from all over the world await you.

Les plus beaux musées de Rochefort
The most beautiful museums in Rochefort: the Hèbre museum

3 What to do in Charente-Maritime when it rains : visit the begonia conservatory in Rochefort

Come and discover the Begonia Conservatory in Rochefort. Now this collection gathers more than 1500 different varieties of begonias in a greenhouse of more than 1000 m2 where their cultivation and maintenance are done. Originally the city of Rochefort bought this collection in 1986 from a former horticulturist based in the Paris region.

Moreover over the years, through donations, purchases but also exchanges, the original begonia collection has grown incredibly. Indeed, it has been enriched with many new plants from exchanges with other European, African, American, Australian or Asian collections.

It should be noted that two kinds of begonias are to be distinguished : botanical begonias, which grow naturally in forests or mountains, and hybrid begonias which are the result of crosses and mutations obtained by the hand of man over time.

To conclude let's just point out that the visit to the Begonia Conservatory is a guided tour only and lasts about an hour.

visite du conservatoire du bégonia à Rochefort, Que faire en Charente-Maritime quand il pleut
What to do in Charente-Maritime when it rains : visit the begonia conservatory in Rochefort

4 Is it raining in Rochefort? Go see a movie : Apollo 8 cinema

What to do in Rochefort when it rains? Bad weather, a film is necessary. 

Recently built in the heart of Rochefort the Apollo 8 Cinema will welcome you to its 8 state of the art theaters. 

5 Bad weather in Rochefort : go bowling

Located in the Martrou shopping center, not far from the Transporter Bridge of Rochefort, the Family Fun Park welcomes you. Indeed you will find of course the bowling but also activities dedicated to the youngest like the trampoline Park (trampolines on more than 700 m²) and the Kid Park (games to explore, climbing, slides, giant legos...).

Note that you can also organize a birthday party embellished with different activities depending on the age.

Que faire en Charente-Maritime quand il pleut : faire un bowling a Rochefort
What to do in Charente-Maritime when it rains: bowling in Rochefort

6 Feel like swimming and warmth despite the bad weather, try the "Antilles of Jonzac"

"Les Antilles de Jonzac" is an aquatic center of more than 10,000 m² entirely covered which allows to recreate a tropical environment in the middle of Charente-Maritime. Take advantage of bad weather to discover this unique place, its tropical lagoon, swimming pool, jacuzzis, hammock, spa and slide.

Of course you can eat on site, two restaurants will welcome you : a panoramic and a snack. Finally, on your way out, we advise you to pass by the tropical greenhouse to get the most out of your stay.

The Antilles center in Jonzac is organized in different spaces to please as many people as possible : 

  • The recreational area, with water at 32° and even 35° in the Roman bath, its indoor and outdoor beaches, its waterfall and its slide, you will spend an unforgettable day.
  • The relaxation area will offer you massaging jets, counter-current swimming, spas, hammocks and jacuzzis.
  • A beauty area to be pampered...
  • The gym, directly overlooking the pools, you can do sports : gym, muscle strengthening, elliptical, bike with a direct view on the aquatic center.
  • The tropical greenhouse will make you travel in the middle of its exotic tropical plants.
Que faire en Charente-Maritime quand il pleut : les Antilles de Jonzac

7 Is it raining during your stay? Observe the fishes at the Aquarium of La Rochelle, a visit not to be missed

The Aquarium of La Rochelle is a must-see in case of bad weather in Charente-Maritime. No doubt that you will be charmed by this dive in the heart of the Oceans. Indeed you will discover during a visit of more than 2 hours an incredible quantity of marine animals. So let yourself be carried away without delay into the magical world of the sea.

Organized in complete ecosystems, the different basins will allow you to discover aquatic fauna and flora from the 4 corners of the world, you will be amazed. Because the La Rochelle aquarium is an experience that is a must during a visit to the Charente-Maritime, schedule it in your calendar.

In short, the aquarium of La Rochelle in figures is 82 aquariums, more than 600 different species, 3 million liters of water and 20 specimens of sharks.

All in all, you will have understood that only 30 minutes away from the Bleu Soleil Rochefort residence, La Rochelle aquarium is truly a visit that will leave you with extraordinary memories.

Que faire en Charente-Maritime quand il pleut l'aquarium de La Rochelle
What to do in Charente-Maritime when it rains: visit the aquarium in La Rochelle

8 Rainy day in Charente-Maritime - France : go for an Escape Game : Escape Hunt La Rochelle

On a rainy day and to change your mind, to go and lock yourself up to try absolutely to get out in the rain is quite tasty, isn't it? So Escape Hunt La Rochelle will offer you a nice and original adventure, it's the historical game stop in La Rochelle.

So choose a game and enter a new universe to search for the clues. A game against time, think and escape.

Que faire quand il pleut : escape game de La Rochelle
What to do when it rains: escape game in La Rochelle

9 The bunker of La Rochelle, an incredible and surprising visit

On a gloomy day in Charente-Maritime here is a new idea for an original activity: the visit of the Bunker of La Rochelle.

Open every day from 10am to 7pm the Bunker of La Rochelle is an incredible museum. Indeed it is directly housed in a former bunker which was the headquarters of the officers of the U-Boats (German submarines) during the Second World War. This bunker was built in the center of La Rochelle in 1941. Now transformed into a museum, this place has kept all its soul and will make you travel in time thanks to a universe remained original and intact. Thus on almost 300 m² you will discover through a real labyrinth, in an authentic atmosphere the history of La Rochelle during the Second World War.

Finally, for the children, a treasure hunt will take them on an adventure, a fun way to learn about this period for the younger ones.

par temps de pluie visitez le bunker de La Rochelle
When it rains, visit the bunker in La Rochelle

10 Discover the natural history museum of La Rochelle for an unforgettable visit

The Natural History Museum of La Rochelle, located in the heart of the city of La Rochelle, will take you on a journey through time. You will discover and understand the territory, the coastline and the marshes through the years until today.

In short, the natural history museum of La Rochelle has more than 10 000 objects, presented in 32 rooms on more than 2300 m² of exhibitions, collections gathered since the 18th century.

In these conditions you will discover in this museum collections evoking the human cultures through archaeology but also the natural world with geology, botany and zoology.

Thus you will understand the richness of the natural environment of Charente-Maritime and its marine environment as well as the opening to the world that maritime trade has allowed over time.

Muséum histoire naturelles de La Rochelle
Natural History Museum of La Rochelle

As you can see, even in rainy weather the Charente-Maritime will reveal its superb heritage and beautiful discoveries.

For an incredible stay in Charente-Maritime and Rochefort, explore these 10 things to do when it rains in Charente-Maritime.

And of course to ensure you a quality accommodation, all comfort and very well located, in order to allow you to discover them as well as possible, we welcome you in our fully renovated apartments nd equipped with services of standing.

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