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Discover the most beautiful lighthouses in Charente-Maritime

The Vallières Lighthouse

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Discover and visit the beautiful Vallières Lighthouse

Vallières lighthouse is located on the town of Saint-Georges de Didonne, south of Royan at the entrance to the Gironde estuary. It overlooks the marina of Saint-Georges de Didonne and is built on the cliff of Vallières to which it owes its name.

Identity sheet : 

Address : Phare de Saint-Georges de Didonne – 96 rue du Port – 17110 Saint-Georges de Didonne

Height: 36 m

Number of steps: 144

Range: approximately 50 kilometres

Construction: From 1898

Start of operation: 1902

Vallières lighthouse of Saint Georges de Didonne takes place in an area overlooking the port which has remained very natural.

A visit to the Vallières Lighthouse, an experience not to be missed

1 The lighthouse of Saint Georges de Didonne, on the cliff of Vallières

Rising above the great Conche of Saint-Georges de Didonne, the wild cliff of Vallières gave its name to this lookout. The Vallières lighthouse secured the port of Royan but also indicated the entrance to the Gironde estuary by facing the Verdon lighthouse on the other bank of the estuary: the Pointe de Grave.

Phare de Vallière St Georges de Didonne

2 At the top of the Vallières lighthouse, a beautiful view over the estuary and Royan

Gain height and climb the 144 steps of the Vallières lighthouse and go get your reward.

Consisting of a four-storey square tower topped by the 7 m high lantern, you are more than 30 metres above the ground for a incredible panorama.

Admire the Gironde estuary, the port of Saint Georges de Didonne, Royan and even the Cordouan Lighthouse out to sea.

Le phare de Vallières à St Georges de Didonne

3 The Vallières lighthouse, a listed monument disused in 1969

Today and since the late 1960s, the lighthouse of Saint Georges de Didonne is no longer in use. Indeed, the rules of navigation on the Gironde estuary having evolved following the creation of the port of Le Verdon, this magnificent building was no longer of use.

Phare de Vallière St Georges de Didonne