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Discover the most beautiful lighthouses in Charente-Maritime

the Whale Lighthouse

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Discover and visit the legendary Whale Lighthouse

The whale lighthouse is located on the island of Ré, in the extreme north of the island, in the commune of Saint-Clément des Baleines.

Identity sheet : 

Address : 155, route du Phare – 17590 Saint-Clément ds Baleines

Height: 59 m

Number of steps: 257

Range: approximately 50 kilometres

Construction: From 1849

Start of operation: 1854 

The Whale Lighthouse of the island of Ré, located at the tip of the whales, takes place in a very pretty park, the Parc des Baleines where you can discover, in addition to the lighthouse, the old Tour des Baleines, the museum and the maritime bookshop.

Le phare des baleines et l'ancienne tour

The Whale Lighthouse site, an unforgettable visit

1 Discover the Phare des Baleines park: a must-see

In the immediate vicinity of the Whale lighthouse on the Ile de Réthere are many small shops and excellent restaurants. So you can take your time and enjoy this nice visit not to be missed. If the weather is good and you feel like it, the Baleines lighthouse is also very close to one of the most beautiful beaches in Charente-Maritime, so take advantage of it.

This two-hectare park was created in the 19th century to accommodate the construction of the new Whale Lighthouse, intended to replace the old tower which had become obsolete. Entirely enclosed by walls, you will discover magnificent gardens, a remarkable wooded area and an incredible fauna (especially birds).

You can continue your visit with the museum at the foot of the old Whale Tower. This building successively housed the fuels, formerly necessary for the operation of the old lighthouse, then a training school for lighthouse keepers (1949) and finally this museum (at the end of the 2000s) after a complete and extensive restoration. In this very modern museum, come and meet Jamy from the TV show "C'est pas sorcier", he will explain the history of lighthouses, and more particularly that of the lighthouses of our beautiful region.

L'ancienne tour du phare des baleines

2 At the top of the Phare des Baleines, a breathtaking panorama

Once you have climbed the 257 steps of the Phare des Baleines,your reward is a magnificent 360° view of the Ile de Ré. You have in front of you an absolutely remarkable site, between the waves which break on the coast, this view on the island of Ré but also on the "pertuis", the island of Oléron, the coasts of Charente and Vendée (la Tranche sur Mer and la Faute sur Mer) it is really an experience not to be missed.

l'escalier du phare des baleines

3 The Whale lighthouse, the starting point for a memorable walk

The mythical Whale Lighthouse which makes children dream and wonder about its name and the link with these cetaceans is impressive for its size (one of the highest in France) and its architecture. Very appreciated by visitors for its heritage aspect, but don't be fooled, the landscapes here are so beautiful that a walk is necessary to make the most of it.

Cross the park at the foot of the Phare des Baleines and follow the coastline to reach one of the most beautiful beaches in Charente-Maritime The Conche des Baleines. On the way from the free car park to the lighthouse park, take an ice cream break, a pancake break or a full meal, it's often excellent.

La vue époustouflante du haut du phare des baleines : la plage de la conche des baleines

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