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What to do in Rochefort - France
Must-see n°1: the Arsenal of the Seas and the Corderie Royale

What to do in Rochefort - France ?
Visiter la Corderie Royale et l'Arsenal des Mers à rochefort

Discover the magnificent architecture of the Corderie Royale building in Rochefort

The city of Rochefort, a historic city par excellence, is full of treasures to discover or to have discovered.

Just a two-minute walk from the Bleu Soleil Apartments, go down to the marina and its cobbled streets and reach the magnificent gardens of the Corderie Royale.

This superb building, an architectural treasure, stretches over 374 m long. You will plunge into the marine universe by testing and experimenting the gestures of the spinner, the tailor and by meeting the sailors and their universe of marine knots.

The magnificent bookshop with the image of a slice of ship will allow you to travel through more than 4000 titles dedicated to the sea.

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Discover the arsenal of Rochefort

The Arsenal des Mers in Rochefort includes the buildings of the Corderie Royale, but also the Musée National de la Marine, the home port of the identical reconstruction of the famous frigate l'Hermione and the site of the accro-mat, an accro-branche unique in the world.

Distance from the apartments: 200 m - 2 min walk

Come aboard the frigate Hermione

Come aboard a legend of the seas in the heart of Rochefort's arsenal of seas.

Discover the famous reconstruction of an 18th century three-masted ship. Walk through the exhibits on her voyages, her crew and life on board.

Take a tour of the maintenance workshops and the restoration yard for traditional boats. You will also have access to the two upper decks of the frigate but also take advantage of the various guided tours that will allow you to discover the interior of the ship L'Hermione.

Que faire en Charente Maritime : découvrir la Frégate l'Hermione à Rochefort

Discover the National Museum of the Navy

The National Museum of the Navy is a key place to understand the maritime heritage. It gives a vision of the history of the arsenal and will allow you to discover many models of ships.


Become a sailor for the time of a sporting course on the Rochefort's accro-mâts

The Accro-Mâts de Rochefort is a unique space in the world : an accro-branches course created in the masts of a boat.
You will evolve in the ropes, pass from mast to mast and dominate the Charente at 30 m height. Face the challenges of the tyrolean course, climb the ropes and pass from mast to mast, all at your own pace of course.

Une activité accrobranches originale : l'achromats de Rochefort

These marvels of history are waiting for you, book quickly.

Our top 6 must-see experiences in and around Rochefort

Frégate Hermione Rochefort

The Arsenal of the Seas and the Corderie Royale

True international center of the sea, located on the banks of the Charente, the arsenal of Rochefort will make you discover its wonders through visits all more original...
Only 2 minutes from the Bleu Soleil Rochefort residence.

Que faire en Charente Maritime : traverser la Charente par le Pont Transbordeur Rochefort Echillais

The Transporter Bridge

The last transporter bridge in operation in France, it spans the Charente to link Rochefort to Echillais. This architectural monument is one of Rochefort's must-see pearls.
10 minutes by bike from the Bleu Soleil apartments, 20 minutes by foot.

Les plus beaux musées de Rochefort


Are you a fan of history or just want to learn? Come and discover the superb museums of Rochefort. From the naval museum to the naval aeronautics museum and the museum of the trades of yesteryear, plunge through time and let yourself be taken away.

Que faire en Charente Maritime : découvrir les Carrelets de l'ile Madame

Madame Island

The smallest island of Charente-Maritime, this small rock can be visited by foot. You can reach it at low tide through a "pass" entirely covered when the tide rises. A real wild jewel, let yourself be imprisoned for the time of a tide...

Fort Boyard, a découvrir en croisière

The famous Fort Boyard

The most famous of the Forts of Charente-Maritime, approach the one which before being mediatized was to protect the roadstead of Rochefort. It was unable to do so... Discover this emblem located between Oleron and Aix islands.

Ile d'Aix à visiter pour les amoureux de la nature

Car-free getaway : Aix Island

Come and lose yourself in a very natural walk on the paths of Aix Island. Access is by a short crossing from Fouras-les-Bains, only 10 minutes from Bleu Soleil Rochefort apartments. The tour of the island can be done on foot or by bike, as you wish.